“The feminine has never been positioned in human history as it is today…and it carries the radical power of dissolving all structures and dogmas, all prisons in which we have sought so passionately to imprison ourselves.”

’Return of the Mother’

“Unless spirit animates a social or political institution, it cannot initiate anyone into a higher state… Patriarchy can no longer recover this capacity… It cannot align itself with the creative spirit of the time, because that spirit is feminine, radical and transformative.”

’Remaking Men’

Dedicated to the Exploration and Transmission of the Mystical,
Alchemical and Yogic Sciences of the Sacred Feminine

Toward a Sane, Compassionate and Just Society

Established in 2003, the Numina Institute functions as an educational platform and foundation of the Unveiled Body of Work. It offers educational, experiential and training programs that serve as vehicles of introduction, transmission, and preservation of a new cycle of teachings. These programs offer individuals a direct path towards reinforcing relationship to authentic self and the mastery to bring this forth into all aspect of everyday life.

This unique body of knowledge, wisdom teachings
and alchemical experiential work has not, until now, been known or available in its totality, through any religious, mystical, social, psychotherapeutic or academic tradition.

The Numina Institute continues to evolve in meeting the call of our times – to bring forth a new cycle of teachings in support of the ignition and establishment of a more sane, compassionate and just society.