Evolution of the Work and the
Becoming of an Institute

UnveiledTM The Recognition was first presented on February 1988 as a one day experience for women known as ‘Aphrodite Unveiled’. It soon became apparent that the name ‘Aphrodite Unveiled’ did not reflect the limitless expressions of the feminine that began to reveal itself in that one day experience – prompting the renaming of the experience to UnveiledTM The First Recognition.

By year four ‘The First Recognition’ had gradually evolved from its initial one day experience into a three day Rite of Initiation for women. Year eleven revealed a necessity for the Work to be presented as a four day initiatory experience and was renamed 'UnveiledTM The Recognition'.  In meeting its next evolutionary cycle – as of November 2008, in its 21st year – UnveiledTM The Recognition has been presented in a new format of a 5 day experience – four full days as a residential retreat and its Day of Completion and Integration following a week later.

In early 1996, formulas for other portals of experience began to take form – portals that were distinct and separate passages for entrance into deeper realms of mystery, cellular healing and reclamation of authentic self through the Sacred Feminine. These and other new passages that followed became the UnveiledTM Body of Work and the foundation for the Numina Institute.