“It is not until our longing becomes greater than our fear will we step out and risk the unknown.”

The UnveiledTMBody of Work consists of five Passages of initiation, empowerments and integration. Each Passage is a direct and profound experience of alchemical encounter with the Sacred Feminine.

On the cellular and subtle level, each of the five Passages sets foundations for understanding the nature and multi-dimensional function, both personal and collective, of the feminine principle and feminine mysteries that reside within the female psyche and a woman’s body.

The Passages of initiation, empowerments, and their integration, prepare each woman for receiving the deeper teachings, transmissions and yogas of the integrative work.

The 5 Passages of initiation, empowerments and their integration are as follows:

First Passage:

UnveiledTMThe Recognition

Reawakening and Reclaiming the Sacred
Through the Feminine Mysteries

First Integrative Deepening:

Meeting Life

Cultivating Mastery to Keep the Sacred
Feminine Alive in Everyday Life

Third Passage:

The Deepening

Five Gate Initiation

Fourth Passage:

Sacred Packaging

Polishing the Mirror of the Soul

Fifth Passage:

The Great Fruition

Reclaiming the Wisdom
and Power of Eldership

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