"Given this time in our human history, this work is a necessity! … it is a healing work on such a massive scale."

"The shift I experienced inside myself took place organically - not conceptually or
idealogically - from the inside to out, as though the very consciusness of my cells were being changed."

"...this work unfolds with impeccable integrity from beginning to end."

"The weekend I spent with my mom in Unveiled has changed me.  I feel like I have more confidence in myself and more courage."

"This work has completely changed the dynamic of my relationship to my mother, my sisters, my daughters - my whole family... the struggle I had experienced in the past has given way to understanding and so much ease."

“It is time that we as women begin to recognise that the energies we have learned to most fear, mistrust or loathe about ourselves are, in fact, the very source of our power, the source of our 'sacred medicine’ and the jewels to fuel the cultivation of our wisdom.

It is our task to become guardians of these potent energies rather than remain the victims of them.”

The First Passage of the UnveiledTM Body of Work is 'The Recognition'. UnveiledTM The Recognition is a portal of reawakening to our cellular remembering and ancient knowing; a return to the experience of the fundamental mysteries, knowledge and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine – that which is innate and resides within each one of us as woman and remains so through time, beyond culture and beyond family influence.

This Work is not about addressing our ‘process’, fixing anything or solving our problems. It is setting aside time away from ordinary life in which to dive into and explore the ineffable presence of the Sacred Feminine – a presence that is uniquely experienced in and expressed through each one of us as woman.

Nor will our exploration be undertaken through personal or cultural ideals, beliefs or established traditions of today's indigenous cultures nor earth based cultures of the past. Our exploration will be through the realm of mystery and Being that is the feminine – a realm that moves us beyond whom we may think ourselves to be, or not be, as woman.

UnveiledTM The Recognition unfolds in a carefully prepared environment and sanctified space of unwavering safety, respect and individual guidance and support.

The Reclamation

UnveiledTM The Recognition is a portal of reclamation. It is a reclamation of unshakeable knowing and trust in our essential nature and authentic self.

Reclamation of our pristine clarity, fierceness of courage, creative and compassionate action and depth of wisdom in relation to self and others.

Reclamation of direct experience of our personal feminine mystery, the mystery of Sisterhood and the mystery of our universal inter-connectedness.

Reclamation of the sublime and potent sacred that innately resides within all women.

Reclamation of the infinite ways that this sacredness can nourish, inform and reunite each woman with her intuition, life force and creative passion.

Reclamation of intuitive knowing as to where, when and how to access the sacred and alchemical that resides within the female body and feminine psyche.

Reclamation of our unique gifts and talents, our destiny of soul, towards self-fulfilment and in service to the greater whole.

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