The UnveiledTMBody of Work consists of five Passages of Initiation, Empowerment and Integration. Each Passage is a direct and profound experience of alchemical encounter with the Sacred Feminine.

On the cellular and subtle level each of the five Passages sets foundations for understanding the nature and multi-dimensional function, both personal and collective, of the feminine principle and feminine mysteries that reside within the female psyche and a woman’s body.

The Passages of Initiation and their Empowerments prepare each woman for receiving the deeper teachings, transmissions and yogas of the Integrative Work.

The 5 Passages of Initiation and Empowerment and their integration are as follow:

First Passage:

UnveiledTMThe Recognition

Reawakening and Reclaiming the Sacred
Through the Feminine Mysteries

First Integrative Deepening:

Meeting Life

Cultivating Mastery to Keep the Sacred
Feminine Alive in Everyday Life

Second Passage:

Reclaiming the Mystical and Practical
Alchemy of Female Sexuality

Nothing Escapes the Truth of the Pelvis®

Third Passage:

The Deepening

Five Gate Initiation

Fourth Passage:

Sacred Packaging

Polishing the Mirror of the Soul

Fifth Passage:

The Great Fruition

Reclaiming the Wisdom and Power of Eldership