Anna Davidovich - Photo by Rosemund

“Anna, whose fierce courage in allowing the sacred to unfold though her own body is opening the unknown, remembered gates for all of us”

Anna Davidovich

Founder of the Numina Institute, Anna Davidovich is known internationally as a pioneer and educator in the exploration and transmission of the primordial and alchemical mysteries of the feminine principle and the Sacred Feminine.

Anna defines herself as a mystic with a passion for the pragmatic and the academic – a passion for exploring and implementing the many ways in which mysticism, the academic and the psychological deeply inform each other.

Her work, which is informed by a distillation of 35 years (see Educational Highlights) of academic passions, artistic pursuits, and immersion in the study and practices of both eastern and western mystical traditions, has introduced a new cycle of teachings for our time and culture.

In 1988 Anna brought forth a radically innovative initiatory blue print that became the core and foundation of the UnveiledTM Body of Work. It wasn’t long after its inception that the UnveiledTM Work revealed itself to be her life work and her ‘path of awakening’.

“Month by month, year by year, it became evident that this work was educating me, as it continues to this day. It is as if I grew the work and in turn it grew me. As I see it, this has been the direct and ongoing process of honing, refining, maturing, educating and deepening of not only myself, but also that of the UnveiledTM Work.”

Since the birth of the Unveiled in 1988, Anna's work has been in service to the re-emergence and preservation of the alchemical and mystical function inherent in the Sacred Feminine – in both men and women, in the personal and in the collective.

Educational Highlights