Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Numina Institute?

The Numina Institute was officially founded in 2003 as an educational institution dedicated to the exploration and transmission of the mystical, alchemical and yogic sciences of the Sacred Feminine.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of the Numina Institute is to bring forth a new cycle of teachings in support of the ignition and establishment of a sane, compassionate and just society.

Where is it located?

Its main office is in Mullumbimby, in northern New South Wales, Australia. Its programs and retreats have been held in various venues around the Byron Shire, New South Wales, other Australian communities and communities around the world, including Hawaii, mainland America, Indonesia, Europe and Israel.

What is the Unveiled Body of Work?

The Unveiled Body of Work is the Numina Institute’s foundational program for women. It is both educational and experiential work consisting of a distinct body of knowledge, wisdom teachings, passages of initiation and integrations based on the mysteries and alchemical function of the Sacred Feminine.

Who is it for?

It is for all women of our time and culture, from the time of a woman’s ‘first blood’, through menopause and post menopause. It is for all women who desire reclamation of unshakable trust in authentic and essential self. It is for those women wanting to acquire wisdom and skill in fulfilling her destiny of soul and cultivate the mastery to bring it forth into her personal world and in service to others.

What is it for?

Reclaiming the innate sacred in oneself and all aspects of life through the reawakening of the feminine mysteries and transmission of the alchemical function of the Sacred Feminine.

What’s new about this work?

This unique body of knowledge, wisdom teachings and alchemical experiential work has not, until now, been known or available in its totality, through any religious, mystical, social, psychotherapeutic or academic tradition.

Is Unveiled a retreat?

UnveiledTMThe Recognition is a four day residential retreat followed, a week later, by a one day Completion and Integration. Subsequent opportunities for deepening experiences and their integration within the Unveiled Body of Work and training programs are available through the Institute.

How did the Unveiled Work come into being?

The alchemical blueprint for UnveiledTM The Recognition and the Unveiled Body of Work arose out of a distillation of the life experiences and education of Anna Davidovich and is informed by over 40 years of her many academic passions, creative pursuits, as well as traditional study and practice in both eastern and western mystical traditions.

When was the Unveiled Work first presented?

The first of the 5 Passages, UnveiledTM The Recognition, was birthed February 1988. The Unveiled Body of Work is a series of 6 Passages of Initiation, Empowerments and Integrative work and has marked its 20th year in 2008.

What is its relevance for our times?

It is the personal and collective re-emergence and reclamation of the Sacred Feminine that has the potential to bring about a new paradigm - a renaissance effectively changing the political and commercial influence and power this present day culture has on our society, on humanity and the world.

What is the connection between Unveiled and the Numina Institute?

Numina evolved from the need for an established foundation and container to ensure the continued authenticity and integrity of the formulas, teachings and yogas of the Unveiled Body of Work.

What is the difference between the Numina Institute and Unveiled?

UnveiledTM is the body of work itself, Numina is its container. The Unveiled Body of Work is in service to the personal – the reclamation of authentic and essential self and fulfilment of destiny of soul. The Numina Institute is in service to the collective – the re-establishment of the sacred and compassionate in all aspects of earthly life and its societies.

Who is Anna Davidovich?

Anna Davidovich is known internationally as pioneer and educator in the exploration and transmission of the primordial and alchemical mysteries of the feminine principle and Sacred Feminine. She is creator, architect and elder of the Unveiled Rite of Initiation and the Unveiled Body of Work and founder of the Numina Institute.

“As simply as possible, I define myself as a mystic with a passion for the pragmatic, and the academic. I am devoted to the education and transmission of alchemically transmuting that which individuals have learned to most fear, mistrust, deny or loath about themselves, into that which is experienced as the sacred within.”